Pwede po bang pastahan

Mary Joy : hi good day po magaask lang po ako kung pwede pa po bang ipapasta ung ngipin na nangalahati po ung basag harap po thanks

Dr. Jesus Lecitona : Sumakit na? Mukhang for rct na yan. Read :

Root Canal Treatment – Dentures Guide
Synonyms : Root Canal Therapy, Endodontic Treatment, Endodontic Therapy, RCT FAQ about Root Canal Therapy: Question : Why Would a Tooth Needs Endodontic Treatment? Answer : Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp is already on it irrerversible state, meaning even restoring the tooth with a c…

Mary Joy : How much po yung ganyang treatment?
Dr. Jesus Lecitona : 5k pataas.
Mary Joy : Hindi na po ba talaga kaya nang pasta po ito?
Nabasag lang naman po sya dahil po sa accident po

Dr. Jesus Lecitona : Try mo. Tapos dagdagan mo ng prayers.

Mary Joy Mondal : Ahehehe thank you po


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