Broken Tooth

Sarah : Hi. I have a question.. I broke my left lateral incissor about 2 yrs ago due to an accident.. The cracked part is near the central incissor.. I have no time to visit a dentist because I just gave birth that time and after few months I started working. My teeth looks like it has a big gap or hole between the broken tooth and the central incissor. As a remedy, to fill the gap temporarily, I am putting a cotton in between the 2 teeth.. I know it’s crazy and it doesn’t look good either. What should I do now? Does it need to be extracted and I need to have denture? Or are there other ways?

Ask the Dentist – Philippines : Send photo.

Kung sumakit na ipa rct mo.

Root Canal Treatment

Sarah : Ndi po sya masakit pero malaki na ung sira nya parang 1/3 na nung ngipin ung natanggal

Ask the Dentist – Philippines
Okie send photo.

Sarah : Carious

Ask the Dentist – Philippines
RCT na yan, tapos jacket.

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