Complete Dentures Cost

Liza : Hello! I need some advice. My brother needs to have “pustiso”. He lost all his teeth and wants to have a whole set of pustiso. He came to me asking for financial assistance, so I would like to know how much the whole set of pustiso would cost. Please…I need to find out immediately so I’ll get to find the way to come up with the needed amount. Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Ask the Dentist : Depende sa kaso. At madaming klase ng pustiso. Para kang nagtanong ng “magkano ang kotse?” Kung flat na ang gums ng kapatid mo, mas mahal ang paggawa ng pustiso. Madami ding klase ng material na pwede gamitin sa paggawa ng pustiso..

Liza : Thank you for the reply. I’ll tell him to have a dental check-up first. Maraming salamat po.

Ask the Dentist : Walang anuman.

Ask the Dentist :

Ask the Dentist

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